Some information videos for better use of and care for your natural cast iron pans.

Frying in an Ultra Light Professional pan

In this video you will get some information how to use your Ultra Light Professional pan

Frying in an Ultra Light Original pan

You will find the video about use of your Ultra Light Original pan here:

Correct heat is important

To use a natural cast iron pan differs from use of a nonstick coated pan. With a cast iron pan it is essential to use the pan with the correct heat to avoid food to stick to the surface. To achieve and maintain the correct temperature in the pan it is important not to use too high effect on the stove. Besides, it will also save unnecessary waist of expensive energy.

Cleaning of natural cast iron pans

In this movie we will show you the best way to clean your natural cast iron pan after use. If necessary you can even use some detergent, as long as you rinse the pan and dry well and rub the surface with some oil after drying it off.

Ceramalj coated pans

You will find a video about how to best use your Ceramalj coated pan, to avoid ruining the coating by use of excessive heat here

Best use of the traditional cast iron pan

Here you will find some information about how to use your traditionally sand molded cast iron pan. This type of cast iron is also called heavy cast iron. Compared to our "light weight" cast iron it has thicker walls and bottoms and that is what makes the difference in weight, but it also means that the pans are somewhat slower to heat up and also that it will keep the heat longer.