Maestro Classique Casserole 372244

Maestro Classique Casserole 372244
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Benämning: Maestro Classique Casserole 372244
Beskrivning: Round Ø24 cm enameled cast iron casserole/Dutch oven. Volume appr 4 liters. Red glossy outside, and matt black enamel on the inside. Matt black enamel gives you the possibility to fry and brown directly in the pot, same as in preseasoned cast iron. The lid has rims on inside for drip condensation on the food, to keep it moist and juicy during cooking. Knob on lid is made of Bakelite, and can be used in oven to at least 220ºC. Enameled cast iron works on all kinds of heat sources including induction hob, BUT to avoid damage to the enamel DO NOT heat up to quickly. Cracked enamel caused by too fast heating, or cooling, of the pot is NOT subject to the warranty. Warranty is only valid for damage to the cast iron, due to faulty material or craftsmanship. Can be washed with detergent without rusting, but do not use dishwashing machine. This pot is produced in France by one of the most renowned French producers for Ronneby Bruk Sweden. Diameter of outside bottom is 20 cm.
Kategori: Enameled Cast Iron Pots
Art: 372244
EAN: 7331059372248

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